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In science fiction, we find echoes of a divided world. Free-acting biohybrid robots, created and powered by humans, seize control over Earth and space through military occupation and environmental exploitation. Biohackers resist and adapt by augmenting themselves with cybernetic organs and implanted microchips. These stories caution against the relentless pursuit of technological dominance that seeks to transcend human boundaries and imperil our planet's delicate equilibrium.

Today, our adaptation to the digital age has already rewired our nervous systems, pushing the limits of human capabilities, and changing how we communicate, and manage our often depleted attentional resources. With the internet granting us vast access to information, our global consciousness can no longer turn a blind eye to the hazards of the human pursuit of immortality, unchecked profit-driven natural resource depletion, and societies’ obsession with power over global welfare. Estranged from nature, there emerges a collective longing to rediscover our place in the world.

This moment demands a profound reawakening—a rekindling of our connection to the vibrant life force within us and around us, yearning for a world where all beings, both human and non-human, coexist harmoniously. From the ruins, we rebuild, and work to bridge the divide.

RE_GENERATION offers a glimpse of possible futures. This collection presents soulful stories and reflections that offer hope, from vitality to decay. We would like to thank our esteemed contributors, who, drawing from their personal journeys, have bravely unearthed landscapes of potential for generations to come.

Viet Tran
Editor-in-chief of Sticky Rice Magazine



In our pursuit of a sustainable tomorrow, we draw inspiration from the timeless cycle of life, guiding circular processes and economies. This paradigm shift challenges the conventional linear pathways of resource consumption (make → use → discard) so prevalent in our time. We explore innovative methods of production and resource use, as shown in Boris Yu's exploration of craftsmanship in “Srambled and Assembled”. As we witness the transformation of discarded oyster shells into bio-composite materials destined for future-forward furniture, we catch a glimpse of a world where bioengineering allows waste to find renewed purpose.

When we take the time to slow down and observe nature's rhythms, we discover the profound wisdom inherent in its cycles of growth, death, decay and rebirth.

Death, a recurrent theme throughout this issue, casts its shadow over the human experience. It serves as both the closing chapter and the nurturing cradle of life. In 'Erotic Grief,' Jessica Lieu's reflections suggest that the fear of death underlies many other fears. These fears range from rejection and abandonment to the fear of our own vulnerable desires. Indeed, societal and cultural pressures compel us to repress the fullness of our emotions and hide our truest selves. We are driven by the fear of exclusion, a dreaded loss that would threaten the core of our sense of self.

In the poignant “Anatomy of a Haircut”, author Liam Ma sees the symbolic repeated acts of cutting his hair as a form of renaissance that reasserts agency in the face of change and existential contemplation.

Both Liam Ma and Jessica Lieu's confrontations with death anxiety show the potential for embracing the various facets of grief. While grief is often depicted as somber, it also serves as a canvas on which sensual pleasure and desire can paint vibrant strokes. Indeed, this sacred space between birth and death offers us an opportunity to look at our tightly held fears and longings. It enables us to release something painful, to breathe space in our awareness that allows us to connect in new ways with ourselves and others.

The stories reflect an evolving understanding that arises from the insights of scientific progress and age-old wisdom that show us how the intelligent systems of emotion and intuition are deeply rooted in our bodies through neurophysiological networks. This is not too different from how plants communicate with each other about environmental conditions, threats, and nutrient availability through root systems.  

“When we take the time to slow down and observe nature's rhythms, we discover the profound wisdom inherent in its cycles of growth, death, decay and rebirth.”

Our natural inclination to trust our gut feelings can easily be obstructed by modern lifestyles characterized by extended periods of sitting in a slouched posture while fixating on blue light-emitting screens. This way of life has become all too common in many developed countries. It's not surprising that the increasing exposure to an overwhelming abundance of (mis)information, coupled with the distorted messages of highly stimulating advertisements, has resulted in a widespread mind-body split. A tomorrow in which we mend the gap can offer us deeper access into our vitality.

Julie Phan uses her body to connect with others and to express herself creatively. She sees her sexuality as deeply intertwined with her sense of aliveness. In her moving essay, “Musings of an Introverted Stripper, she challenges common misconceptions about sex work and views strip clubs as places for personal growth. In these spaces, where personal boundaries, respect, and support are crucial, they become environments where human sexuality and self-expression thrive, reshaping how people relate to each other and fostering authenticity within a supportive community.

The importance of community feeling and togetherness is reiterated in a convivial interview by the author Nikki Celis with the visual artist Khrysta Lloren, chef Dre Mejia and art activist Allan Matudio, which delves into the Filipino diasporas’ multifaceted quest for cultural flourishing. In his piece, “In Conversation: Filipinos on the Search for Stability”, the potency of authentic storytelling, healing intergenerational trauma, and the bolstering support of the community are emphasized as promising catalysts for a thriving future.

As we look to tomorrow for guidance, let’s tread the path of foresight wisely. While contemplating utopian and dystopian visions is undoubtedly valuable, it is equally crucial to remain grounded in the present. The allure of futuristic escapism and the promises of the afterlife can divert our attention from the opportunities for personal growth and meaningful societal contributions that exist in the here and now.

As we move forward, we can wholeheartedly engage with our current circumstances and rediscover the beauty in the natural world that surrounds us at this very moment, waiting to be acknowledged and cherished.

Photos by Lazer Cobra capturing Vision 2088: A Cyberpunk Outlook, an immersive dance party produced and hosted by Sticky Rice Magazine in collaboration with Festival Accès Asie and supported by Fierté Montréal.

We acknowledge the project's inherent constraints, recognizing it as a fragment within a broader discourse on intersecting identities. We also acknowledge the Kanien'keha:ka as the traditional stewards of Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, the land on which we operate. We extend an invitation to our readers to reflect upon our positions and relationships with the land on which we reside and coexist.






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