They say diversity is being invited to the party and that inclusion means being invited to dance. We say that inclusion is also about being allowed to throw a party from time to time. For this first volume, we wanted to host a conversation around the “model minority” myth, otherwise called the “good immigrant” concept, here in Canada. We questioned whether the topic of this first volume—the “model minority” myth— remained at all relevant considering how quickly we saw mainstream portrayal of Asians turn back into a “new yellow peril” , a threat to the Western world, following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global emergency. I realize now that the pandemic more clearly exposed the hypocrisy of the problematic model minority narrative. It shows us who is really in control of the portrayal of Asians in the media. The model minority designation finds its popularity in the United States, based on generalized statistical data showing that the Asian diaspora enjoyed the highest rate of educational attainment and average household income of all minority ethnic groups. Over the past several decades, the oversimplified model minority dialectic has taken on a life of its own and continues to affect the experiences of many people of color in harmful ways. Rather than dispute its truth or falsity of its claims, we wanted to shed light on its origins and discuss how the model minority narrative influences the lives of Asian-Canadians. And where do we go from here?



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